Do Your Possessions, Possess You?



One of the biggest problems with the modern world is our attachment to our possessions. The path to happiness is often found to be through simplification. Think about how much stress your possessions cause. Look around your house, and ask yourself, how many of those things do you truly need? How much of your time is spent simply supporting the things that you own and not doing something that you enjoy.

So, in an effort to simplify and therefor gain control and happiness, I am going to start with this challange on WiseBread – Do This One Thing a Day to Defeat Clutter Forever

In essence the author proposes getting rid of 10 items per day.

One of her rules is that the items have to leave her possession each day, they can’t simply be put into your car trunk. I find this to be a bit limiting, so instead, I would suggest finding a large box for donations, and possibly another large box or area for garage sale items. This way you don’t have to drive out to the donation site each day.

Some other tips that she brings up would be to keep a list of what you rid yourself of, this way you stay accountable, and it can be fun at the end of the year to go back and see the huge list of things that you have gotten rid of. I would suggest you do this in a file on your computer, so that you are not adding a physical notebook to your clutter.

Also, do not worry about setting an exact time-frame each day. Just have the thought in the back of your head as the day goes on.


At first the 10 items seems like a lot, but it becomes easier if you think smaller. Look on your desk, how many pens do you have? How many do you really need?

Some other things to get you started:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • CD’s (can you digitize these and get rid of the originals?)
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Old Clothing
  • Old Towels








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